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Following an administrator course is a perfect idea if you wish to broaden your set of office skills. INT Services in Vlaardingen offers a wide variety of courses in many languages. Thanks to our administrator course, you will receive a certificate, which will look good on your resume and improves your job opportunities.

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During our administrator course, you will learn how to make calculations for the financial administration, and you will be able to work for a trading or a service company in the Netherlands. The course lasts sixteen weeks and after you have completed the program, you will receive an official certificate and you will know the most important theories and concepts of financial administration. At INT Services, we are an accounting firm that not only offers financial services, but we also help Russian speakers to work in the Netherlands with training on topics in their field of expertise. The accounting course is taught in Russian, but we will also discuss important terms in Dutch and English. Thanks to our administrator course, you will be able to obtain a certificate that is part of the Practical Diploma in Accounting, which increases your chances in the labour market.

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Do you want to learn how to compile overviews and to obtain basic knowledge of Exact? At INT Services, our administrator course is suitable for Russian-speaking students who have experience with and knowledge of administration. In addition to this course, we also offer courses about other topics, such as how to sell a house in the Netherlands. Apply now for our course. Do you have any questions? Contact us on + 31 8 520 86 592 and we will answer all your questions.