VCA start and VCA VOL course

Our company provides a VCA start course, a VCA VOL course and exams at the lowest prices in the Netherlands. The success rate in our training centre is 95%. By giving students correct answers to exam questions, we accomplish such a high success rate. We offer courses and exams at weekends and during the week at James Wattweg 20, 3133 KK in Vlaardingen.

The prices of our VCA start and VCA VOL course

You can register from one person to a large group. We offer you courses and exams at the following prices:


What do you learn during this course?

When completing our VCA start and VCA VOL course, we guarantee you:

  • Full study of safety regulations and requirements in the Netherlands;
  • Taking a free test in preparation for the exam;
  • The possibility of retaking the exam, in case of failure;
  • The lowest price for obtaining a VCA Basis and VCA VOL certificate in the Netherlands.

During the VCA start course, our certified teachers will introduce you to the educational material on the following topics:

  • Safety standards and regulations;
  • Rules of work of the labour inspectorate;
  • Accident prevention;
  • Rules for working with a working tool;
  • Personal protective equipment;
  • Rules for working with electricity;
  • Prevention of fires and explosions;
  • Accident behaviour;
  • Emergency situations;
  • Safety precautions when working on lifts;
  • Safety during welding operations;
  • Safety during high-rise work;
  • Safety precautions when working indoors;
  • Safety precautions when working with harmful substances.


Sign up and learn everything about safety regulations

The VCA start and VCA VOL course takes place every Sunday from 9.30 to 16.30. At the end of the course, you will take an official exam from 17.15 to 18.15. You can take a look on the official website of VCAINFRA. You can also check the entry of the certificate in the State Register of the Netherlands. At INT Services, we also work as a tax advisor and we provide useful courses about a variety of topics. So we do not only offer a VCA start and VCA VOL course, but we also, for example, give a course on solar panel installation. Sign up for the course by filling in the form below or call us on +31 6 82 08 08 31.

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