Plumbing course in Dutch, English and  Russian language in the Netherlands.

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At INT Services in Vlaardingen, we offer a plumbing course in English, Dutch and Russian language. Our vocational training program aims to train plumbers to install, repair, and maintain plumbing and gas boilers (CV Boilers) in the Netherlands. Our courses are suitable for English, Dutch and Russian  speakers who wish to work in the Netherlands.

Learn about NEN during our plumbing course

The abbreviation NEN stands for Dutch Norm. These standards are agreements that market parties voluntarily make with each other about the quality and safety of their products, services, and processes. According to Dutch legislation, sanitary facilities, as well as the related work, must comply with safety standards. During the plumbing course, we will introduce you to the following standards:

  • NEN 1006 – Sanitary standards and pipe safety
  • NEN 3215 – Sanitary installation rules and requirements for drainage installations
  • NTR 3216 – Practice guidelines and interpretation for NEN 3215
  • NEN 1078 – Standards and rules for the safety of gas installations
  • NTR 3378 – Practice guidelines and interpretation for NEN 1078

The plumbing course takes place in English, Dutch and Russian language.

What will you learn?

After completing our course, you will have learned to work with plumbing in residential construction, you will install and connect plumbing equipment, you will understand building regulations and schemes according to the Dutch requirements, and you will receive an official certificate. The theoretical knowledge in our course is closely related to the practical exercises. Thanks to the acquired knowledge and the certificate, you can apply for a job at Dutch and international companies in the Netherlands. We will do everything to help you get a new job without intermediaries in the specialty of a plumber. For this, we have developed several measures to help you achieve your goal.

The plumbing course is suitable for working young people who want to practice the plumbing profession in the Netherlands. The course is also suitable for experienced plumbers who want to get acquainted with Dutch standards, work rules, and receive an official certificate. We also offer courses about other topics, such as our: an electrician course, solar panel installation or cost accounting courses. We do not only offer practical courses, but we also offer tax and accounting services. With us, you will find a total service in various fields.

Plumbing course plan


  • Plumbing’s relationship with the environment
  • Copper pipes – types, brands, characteristics
  • Solder couplings – description, types, characteristics
  • Crimp connection technologies – types, characteristics
  • Plastic pipes – types, connections, characteristics
  • Theoretical knowledge of laying sewer pipes – features, types of connections, fundamental formulas, types of calculations
  • Standards (NEN) for laying pipes
  • Theoretical basis of working with plumbing
  • Connection of gas boilers (central heating boiler)

Practical exercises for connecting plumbing:

  • Bending and soldering copper pipes
  • Installation of sanitary equipment (toilets, sinks, showers, mixer taps)
  • Connection of gas boilers (central heating boiler)
  • Connecting toilets with diverse types of fixings, installation on the sewer, working with diverse types of pipes, such as Henko and Uponor.

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At the end of the plumbing course, successful participants in the final exam will receive an official certificate of completion. You will also learn how to look for a job in the Netherlands.


The course lasts: 4 days
Study day: Saturday
Study time: from 09.30 – 16.00
The price of the plumbing course is 850 €
The study materials are included in the course price
Snacks and beverages are included
The next course starts on January 27, 2024
Location: James Wattweg 20, 3133KK Vlaardingen



INT Services is registered with the CRKBO as an official educational institution in the Netherlands with Lloyd’s register. All our courses are VAT free. We are an accounting firm, but also an official “Approved training company” and we offer students the opportunity to follow a vocational training. We also offer a VCA start course in different languages in the Netherlands. Apply now for our plumbing course or contact us on + 31 8 520 86 592.

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