CERTIFICATE: ELEKTRICIEN in Nederland NEN-3140/ NEN-1010 VOP voldoende onderricht person



  • 14 April 2024
  • 19 May 2024
  • 30 June 2024
  • 4 August 2024
  • 8 September 2024
  • 13 October 2024
  • 24 November 2024


This training program is designed to train expert electricians in the installation, repair and maintenance of electrical equipment in the Netherlands.


By completing our course, you will learn to work according to the NEN 1010 and NEN 3140 standards and receive the official certificate “Elektricien NEN-3140/ NEN-1010 VOP voldoende onderricht person”.

After completing our course, you will be able to work with electrical equipment in the residential sector, install and connect electrical panels, understand wiring diagrams and project documentation.


The abbreviation NEN stands for Nederlandse Norm.


NEN 3140 is an independent standard that contains all relevant requirements for low voltage installations in the Netherlands.


NEN 3140 applies to electrical installations and equipment with a rated AC voltage of 1000 V and DC voltage of 1500 V.


Like other NEN standards, this standard is not a law, but an agreement and practical guideline that has been made for and by the market.


This standard specifies the minimum safety requirements that low-voltage installations in residential, commercial, and industrial construction must meet.


Dutch law states that electrical installations and equipment must be safe and that work with or on these installations must be performed safely. The NEN 3140 provides the necessary provisions that you can use to comply with this and is the standard for working safely on and with low-voltage electrical installations in homes, buildings, and infrastructure. Following NEN 3140 is the best viable way to comply with these relevant laws and regulations.


As of  early 2024, NEN 3140 +A3:2019 is in effect. This is currently the standard and we will cover this in the electrician course.


NEN 1010 is the standard for low-voltage electrical installations in the private sector, construction sites, exhibition and fairgrounds and other temporary installations and infrastructure projects.


This standard specifies how low-voltage installations are safely installed, expanded, and adapted. This standard also provides insight into checks and inspections during the delivery of projects.


The current version of NEN 1010:2020 came into effect on 23-04-2021 via the Building Decree. The consequence of this is that when applying for a permit for a new structure, the standard NEN 1010:2020 must be used. It should be noted here that not the full NEN 1010:2020 is linked to the Building Decree.


The training will take place in English, Dutch or Russian language.


The theoretical knowledge in our course is closely linked to practical exercises.


The acquired knowledge and certificate will give you the opportunity to get a job in Dutch and international companies in the Netherlands. We also offer courses about other topics, such as Solar panel installation course.


Our company will do everything we can to help you find a new job as an electrical fitter. For this purpose, we have developed a number of measures to help you achieve your goal.


The course is suitable for English-speaking students who want to acquire an electrician in the Nederland. And also for experienced electricians and electricians who want to get acquainted with Dutch standards and labour rules.

Course outline

  • Electrical hazards and principles of safety in work
  • General rules of electrical installation
  • Earthing systems
  • Cabling, wiring: varieties, properties and specifics of application
  • Tools used in electrical engineering
  • Soldering work
  • Types of electrical connections
  • Work in distribution boards
  • Differential current devices
  • Fuses and circuit breakers
  • Cable pipes: types, motnage, degree of protection
  • Features of electrical wiring in wet rooms: bathroom and shower
  • Installing additional protection in wet areas
  • Electricity distribution by zones
  • Connection of electrical appliances: switches, lamps, lampholders, luminaires
  • Development of schematics, symbols and coding
  • Design of electrical installations
  • Material selection and preparation of material lists
  • Installation of earthing in electric boards
  • Performing internal electrical installation work
  • Execution of external electrical installation works
  • Commissioning of the electrical system, connection
  • Working with the security system in the house
  • Electrical installation methods and types
  • Standard NEN 3140 (norms, terminology, application)
  • Standard NEN 1010 (norms, terminology, application)
  • Practice
  • Tests
  • Main exam


At the end of the course, all participants will take an official examination and receive an official certificate of completion.


  • Number of lessons: 4 
  • Study day: Sunday
  • Teaching time: 9.30 – 16.00
  • Start of the course 14 April 2024
  • Location: James Wattweg 20, 3133KK Vlaardingen.
  • Price: 1230 €
  • Training level: MBO-4
  • VAT: not applicable
  • Training material is included in the course fee
  • Coffee, tea and beverages during breaks
  • Certificate: Elektricien in Nederland NEN-3140/ NEN-1010 VOP voldoende onderricht person


INT Services is an officially registered training provider in the Netherlands in Lloyd’s register and CRKBO. All our training programmes are VAT/BTW/VAT free.


INT Services is an officially recognised training company “Erkendleerbedrijf”. We provide students with professional internship opportunities.


INT Services is officially registered with the NRTO (Nederlandse Raad voor Training en Onderwijs) and abides by the NRTO code of business behaviour. Read by clicking on the link:


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