Electrician course in the Netherlands

At INT Services in Vlaardingen, we offer an electrician course in English, Dutch and Russian language. Although the training takes place in English and Russian, we will teach you technical terminology in Dutch. In practice, it is useful to know the terminology in these languages as well. We link the theoretical knowledge in our course closely to practical exercises. Do you want to become a certificated electrician? Then this electrical course is for you.

Finding a job with our electrician course

The acquired knowledge and the certificate give you the chance to get a job at Dutch and international companies in the Netherlands. Our company will make every effort to help you find a new job as an electrician. To do this, we have developed several measures to achieve your goal.  Experienced electricians and electricians who want to get acquainted with Dutch standards and labour rules can also apply for this course. Next to our electrician course, you can also register for our bookkeeper course.

Course content

The NEN 3140

In the electrician course we inform you about the NEN 3140. This is an independent standard that contains all relevant requirements for low-voltage installations in the Netherlands. The NEN 3140 applies to the operation of electrical installations and equipment up to a nominal voltage of 1000 Volts AC and 1500 Volts DC. Like other NEN standards, this standard is not a law, but an agreement and practical guideline that has been made for and by the market. This standard specifies the minimum safety requirements that low-voltage installations in residential, commercial, and industrial construction must meet.

Dutch NEN 3140 standards

Dutch law states that electrical installations and equipment must be safe and that work with or on these installations must be performed safely. The NEN 3140 provides the necessary provisions that you can use to comply with this and is the standard for working safely on and with low-voltage electrical installations in homes, buildings, and infrastructure. Following NEN 3140 is the best viable way to comply with these relevant laws and regulations. As of July 2019, NEN 3140 +A3:2019 is in effect. This is currently the standard and we will cover this in the electrician course.

The NEN 1010

The NEN 1010 is the standard for low-voltage electrical installations in homes, buildings, construction sites, exhibition and fairground and other temporary installations and infrastructure. This standard specifies how low-voltage installations are safely installed, expanded, and adapted. This standard also provides insight into checks and inspections during the delivery of projects. The current version of NEN 1010 (2015 version with supplement from 2016) came into effect on 13-01-2017 via the Building Decree. The consequence of this is that when applying for a permit for a new structure, the standard NEN 1010 (2015) with the additions of 2016 must be used. It should be noted here that not the full NEN 1010 is linked to the Building Decree.

Apply for our electrician program

In our electrician course, you will learn everything there is to know about electrical installations. We also prepare our students for the future by informing them about the labour market and we help them find a job in the Netherlands after following the electrician course. We also offer courses about other topics, such as Solar panel installation course.

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Study day: Sunday
Study time: 09.30 – 16.00
Level of study: MBO-4
The next course starts on February 25, 2024
Location: James Wattweg 20, 3133KK Vlaardingen
Price: 1230 €
VAT is not including
Study materials are included in the course fee
Snacks and beverages are included

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