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We are the fastest growing accounting firm in our industry that offers a wide variety of financial courses and services. We speak English, Dutch, Romanian, Lithuanian, and Russian. INT Services in Vlaardingen is an accounting office that specialises in providing accountancy services of any complexity. We are also an official educational institution, and we conduct courses and training programs in the Netherlands. Our affordable and flexible services will help you enjoy your free time. We work for you 24/7!

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The accounting firm for tax and accounting services

Бухгалтерские услуги Нидерланды, Голландия


As an accounting office, we can strengthen or replace your accountancy department, protecting you from the risk of errors in financial statements in the Netherlands.

Бухгалтерские услуги Нидерланды, Голландия


Our team will help you manage tax risks and report obligations in the Netherlands.

Бухгалтерские услуги Нидерланды, Голландия


Our team of accountants is engaged in ensuring impeccable accountancy by processing and auditing transactions.

Бухгалтерские услуги Нидерланды, Голландия


We will help you to register a company of any form in the Netherlands.

Financial Academy and accountancy

Бухгалтерские услуги Нидерланды, Голландия

Accounting course

After completing the accounting course Business Administration Level 4 training of our firm, you are able to make calculations for the financial administration of a trading or service company.

Бухгалтерские услуги Нидерланды, Голландия

Course: financial and cost accounting

Our accounting office also offers a financial course that consists of two modules: costs and production expenses level 4 and finances level 4.

Инвестиции в недвижимость Нидерланды, Голландия

How to buy a house in the Netherlands

In our course about how to buy a house in the Netherlands, you will learn everything about real estate investments in the Netherlands: profitability, broker’s choice, mortgage and much more.

Construction Academy

Курсы сантехников на русском в Нидерландах

Plumbing course

Our accounting firm does not only offer courses about accountancy, but also about other topics, such as plumbing. After completing the plumbing course of our accounting office, you will have learned how to work with plumbing in residential construction, you will install and connect plumbing equipment and you will understand building regulations and schemes according to the Dutch requirements. You will also achieve an official certificate.

Курсы электриков в Нидерландах на русском языке

Electrician course

At the end of the electrician course, the official exam is taken and one receives an official certificate of completion. In addition to the course, students in the Netherlands learn how to look for a job.

Курсы по установке солнечных батарей INT Services

Solar panel installation course

After completing our course, you will learn how to install solar panels in industrial and private facilities in the Netherlands. You will learn what types of solar panels are available and where they need to be installed.

Courses and exam VCA Basis and VCA VOL

We are not only active as an accounting office, we also provide courses and exams VCA Basis and VCA VOL at the lowest prices in the Netherlands and other courses about topics such as accountancy. The success rate in our training centre is 95%. Courses and exams are offered at weekends and during the week at James Wattweg 20, 3133KK in Vlaardingen.

VCA Basis in Russian

When applying for jobs in construction, manufacturing and warehousing, all employers require that you have a B-VCA certificate.

Our accounting firm offers you VCA Basis courses, through a simple and convenient method of learning and sitting the exam in Romanian.

We offer you a VCA Basis course and a Lithuanian language exam.

Курс и экзамен VCA Basis
VCA Basis дневной курс и экзамен

VCA Basis на русском языке

При устройстве на работу в строительстве, производстве и складах, все работодатели требуют, чтобы обязательно был сертификат B-VCA.


VCA Basis curs in limba Romana

Compania noastra va ofera curusri VCA Basis, printr-o metoda simpla si comoda de invatare si prestarea examenului in limba Romana.

Курсы VCA на литовском языке

VCA Basis kursai

INT Services kompanija siūlo praeiti VCA Basis kursus ir išlaikyti egzaminą lietuvių kalba.

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As an accounting firm, we do not only specialise in accountancy. We offer courses for foreign workers at Dutch companies. Are you interested in the courses of our accounting firm? Whether you are active in the plumbing sector or in another industry; we offer courses with valuable information in many different languages. Discover our services and sign up for the course that is most useful for your career.

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