Курсы сантехников на русском в Нидерландах

Plumbing course

After completing our course you will have learned to work with plumbing in residential construction, you will install and connect plumbing equipment and you will understand building regulations and schemes according to the Dutch requirements, and you will receive an official certificate.

Курсы электриков в Нидерландах на русском языке

Electrician course

At the end of the course, the official exam is taken and one receives an official certificate of completion. In addition to the course, students in the Netherlands receive information for looking for a job.

Курсы по установке солнечных батарей INT Services

Solar panel installation course

After completing our course, you will learn how to install solar panels in industrial and private facilities in the Netherlands. You will learn what types of solar panels are available and where they need to be installed.